Monday, January 12, 2004

This page has moved to::::

The ones that have me linked will need to update their links.Hope you will all continue to visit me. Take care and talk to you all soon.

Moving Day Posponed !!!

Well it looks like my domain will not be up for at least another couple of days. I happened to run into a few problems and it is taking longer than i expected to get it all going. I am hoping it will only be a day or 2 . But i am so tired right now, i just don't have the energy or the patience to do anymore tonight. i apologize for the delay. If it's not up and running by tomorrow, i will do another post on here and let you know the outcome. Take care and talk to you all soon.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

"Welcome To My New Home"

Well this will sure take some time getting used to. I just did a full post

and lost it all. Apparently i clicked on the wrong button to post
it. I want to thank Steve
for helping me set all of this up. I designed the template ect., but from there,
i was lost, so to speak. Steve moved everything over here for me and he even set up my front page. I don't have any archives over here yet, he is
going to help me with thost this weekend. I do appriciate the help he
has given me.Since he had his own domain for a little while now, i
figured he would be able to know what to do for me.He has more patience
than i do. And Steve, i know you are reading this, i am going to link you,
and i will expect the favour in return. heh, heh.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.I found out about an hour ago,
that my son's school was on fire yesterday evening.From what i understand,
it wasn't anything too serious, but there was a lot of water damage ect.
I have my doubts if the kids will have any school on Monday.

There will be more things added to my page as time goes on. I just need to get the hang of it, and get used to all the features.As for now, it will be back to regular posts. Let me know what you all think. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Still Around ..

Just a quick post to let everyone know that i am still around. I have just been working on my new page and am happy to say that i am just about finished. My biggest fault is, i lack a lot of patience.

Hope everyone is having a great week. Terry is just getting over the flu, so i will probably be next. It's really shocking to me that i lasted without it this long. My posts will become regular again once i get my domain going which will be on Jan. 12th. Take care all and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Coming Mon. Jan,. 12 2004..!!!

I hope by now everyone has recovered from the holiday's. I am just glad to kind of get things back to normal.

As of. Monday, January 12, 2004. "" will be up and running. I am working on a new template now and making some changes to my page. So for those of you that have me linked, you will need to change your link.

I hope everyone had fun over the holidays, but didn't get too many hang overs.My New years Eve was very quiet. However, there was a bit of excitement directly across the street from me around 4.a.m. I happened to look out my window and there were 5 police cars lining the street.It's really quite natural to see a police car over at that residence. But i have no idea what went on that night. They did take some guy out of the house over there , slam him against the police car, and then take a metal briefcase from him. The excitement never ends at that residence. At times it's more entertaining than the movies.

I spent a couple of days, playing with my digital camera. Maybe in a few days, i will post a few pics on here of some of the gifts i recieved. I would like to wish Blair A Happy Birthday wich is tomorrow. So drop by his blog and say hi. He was at our house last night having a few drinks. I also think it's about time Blair did a new post.Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Take care and as always, thanks for stopping by.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

A Look Back !!!

Well the year 2003 is just about at an end, . For me , it has been quite a long year as i am sure it has for a lot of people.There has been a lot of ups and downs , good times and bad times, in the past year.

In January of 2003, Terry got a new job, and in February he was ripped off by that company. It was crazy because in december 2002. he was screwed over by a similar company. Then in March, my family and i developed a few family issues that took awhile to be resolved. Then in october, a few more family issues developed between myself and another family member. But i am happy to say that everything is working out now.

I spent the past little while trying to make amends with anyone that i have had words with. I want to start the new year off fresh.

A few good things have happened the past year. We took a trip to Halifax twice, which was fun. We bought 2 adorable little kittens.

They are so cute but can be very evil at times.

In June 2003 i started this blog. Since then, i have come into contact with a lot of great people and have made a lot of wonderful friends. I want to thank all of you that continue to visit this blog. It makes it all worth while. I hope the year 2004 is a great year for everyone. I know that i intend to make a lot of changes.So many things have taken place this past year. i wish i could say there were more good times than badm, but i can't. We even had a bit of misfortune the day before christmas eve. Terry and i were in a car accident. No one was hurt, but at the time, it really scared the hell out of me.

Also this past year, there were a few murders in the area. So like i said earlier, the year 2003 hasn't been all that great.

I guess most of you will be going out tonight to celebrate the coming of the new year. I am just going to stay home. I'm not one for going out on New Year's Eve. I would just rather stay home and have a few drinks. Terry and i even got some lobsters for tonight. Which is one of my favorite things. In any case, i want to wish all of you a very safe and happy new year. Take care and talk to you all soon.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Overdue Post ...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I figured i would come on here and finally do a post now that things have settled down a bit since the holidays. The above pic was taken over the holidays . It's our kitten with the extra toes. He may look all cute and innocent on here, but looks can be deceiving. Just thought i would throw it on here since it was taken with my new "Digital Camera".

Terry, Blair, and Glenda all split and got me a digital camera. That is just one of the gifts i recieved. On another future post, i will give a list along with a few pics of some of the great things i got over the holidays.

I love christmas as much as anyone else, but i am really glad that it's over. Seeing how excited Jordan was on christmas morning, was well worth everything. I really would have liked to have the whole family here for Christmas dinner, but certain circumstances prevented that from happening. Steve was down with the flu so he couldn't make it. So i sent some turkey ect. up to him. Blair also had the flu, but he and Glenda did get up here for awhile that evening. I have had somewhat of a swollen jaw for the past 3 or 4 days. I have an infection in my teeth. So for christmas dinner, it was just Terry, Jordan, Danny and myself.

We seem to have had a little stroke of bad luck. On dec. 23. Terry and i were in a little car accident, with the car.. We are fine though and that's the main thing. Then today, he put his truck in the shop because it needed some work done on it. We planned on going to the mall tonight. But not long ago we find out that it will not be ready until monday because they have to get one of the parts it needs. It really looks like 2003 is going out with a bang.

We had springlike weather all over christmas, and i hear there is a snowstorm heading our way tonight.

I was playing around with my domain stuff today for awhile. Just trying to figure it all out. I want to have it up right after new years. Let me know how your holidays went. take care and thanks for stopping by.